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Capsule Ø25

Handcrafted concrete pendant light "Capsule" is sculptural shader inspired by organic forms in nature. While designing we were driven in experimenting with concrete in more subtle way and try shaping it in free form, without using moulds. Our pendant lights can be used as working or ambient light.

Each item is unique and strictly limited to one piece.


We approach concrete like ceramics, forming and sculpting it manually. Combining the strength of the material with the sensitivity of the hand, each pendant is imbued with its own poetic energy.

Each piece is inherently unique. Textures and hand strokes are all individual to each pendant, while adding to the peacefulness that makes this pendant lamp as soft and organically curved as the objects in nature.

All our items are handcrafted in our studio in Zagreb, Croatia.

100% Handmade

100% Unique Croatian Design

Product details:

  • Concrete made of cellulose and cement, easy weight.

    All of our products have nature-friendly, water based final coating to prevent deterioration and release of cement powder.

  • - Outside colour: White, Grey, Black, Bronze, Gold, Greige (Mixture of grey cement and brown powder pigment) or Stone (Soft, muted shade that resembles the subtle, earthy hues of natural rocks. Popular choice for minimalist and contemporary design schemes) - NEW!

    - Inside/secondary colour: White, Grey, Black, Bronze, Gold, Greige or Stone

  • - Diameter: 25 cm (9.8 in)

    - Height: 24 cm (9.4 in)

    - Mass: 2 kg (70 oz)

    - Size may vary 5% max

  • When necessary clean with water/mild soap and non abrasive sponge.


  • Installation components are NOT included - please check the list of components you need to install our pendant lamp:

    - Cable
    - Socket with pendant holder (shade ring): E27
    - Cord grip 
    - Ceiling rosette

    Bulb: use led or regular bulb up to 60 W

    All the necessary components can be found on Creative Cables Store

    - Components usually come unwired - require assembling shown in the video below

    - Always advice with electrician about suitability to your electrical system and if you're not sure about assembling the parts yourself.

    - Voltage: 110-230 V. Two-wired cable and ground wire.