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Because fresh summer fruit isn’t just good to eat, it’s the best way to add colour and personality to your kitchen - especially in our designer sculptural bowl that can represent a piece of art even when empty!

Instead of a plant or flowers, the fruit bowl acts as this welcoming element in the kitchen.

Eye-catching accessories like that are a good way in making a kitchen your personal space. Even one of our sculpted fruit bowls on your kitchen or dining table will be suffice, grouping two or three together adds to the visual appeal. It’s always a good thing to pile up your fruit or healthy snacks - it’s eye catching and good for your health!

Handcrafted fruit bowls

Fruits are nature’s treats, and possibly the only “snacks” that are good for you! Unfortunately, there’s also the quickest to go bad. The only way to preserve their freshness for as long as possible is to keep them in an aerated place, which is where our handcrafted fruit bowls come into play! Aside from their aesthetic value, fruit bowls also provide unrestricted airflow to your produce to keep it fresher for longer. As a bonus, you also get to save up some of that precious counter space in your kitchen.

In [ kutnakvadrat ] we design and craft with respect to nature and it’s gifts, so we make sure to work with natural, water based ingredients that are light weight but durable and strong. In addition to design, we wanted to create a functional food related product that can be washed in water since the surface is sealed with eco-friendly acrylic waterproof sealer.