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About Us - [ Kutnakvadrat ]

We are Krešimir & Tonći, dynamic duo who like to experiment with concrete forms, textures and recycled materials. In 2018. we founded a [ kutnakvadrat ] and since then we’ve been studying and experimenting with concrete as a material with whom we could design and produce quality sculptured concrete products that have timeless value.

Our primarily work is characterized by functionality of objects and aesthetics adjusted to the needs of the object itself, whether it is a planter, pendant lamp or a fruit bowl. All concrete objects are handmade, and the texture of materials makes each concrete object unique. our concrete objects are designed as a result of our mutual appreciation for forms, textures and shapes found in nature combined with a fixation on experimentation.In turn creating a shared objective of crafting minimalistic, organically shaped concrete objects for individuals who like a touch of uniquely designed home decor pieces.

Our passion was the perfect basis for founding [ kutnakvadrat ], the desire to offer quality handcrafted unique solutions and to make them more accessible not only to interior designers and architects, but also to any person who would like to implement them in their home without a rofessional, but by their own efforts.
Since our business beginning, [kutnakvadrat] has become a leader in handcrafted concrete lighting manufacturing in Croatia, and started selling worldwide. More recently, [kutnakvadrat] has shifted its focus towards sustainable lighting and design so sustainability has become a key part of kutnakvadrat’s growth strategy.

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