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Create a statement with [ kutnakvadrat ] sculptural contemporary concrete pendant light ‘Capsule’ that embraces innovative design and ever-evolving style.

Experiment with designs using varying shapes and textures, unique forms and curved lines in an array of finishes, design styles and sizes, Add personality with [ kutnakvadrat ] designer pendant lamps to a front entrance, dining room, kitchen, bathroom or living room, indoor or outdoor, as an ambient or working/focus light.

Mix contemporary design with modern design to create a bold, contemporary-modern interior design that features minimalist elements and clean, simple lines.

Will be a great addition to your house, a gift for a friend, office decor, or for interior and exterior designers and architects who are look for a stylish and unique piece.


Good lighting is about creating functional lighting with multiple light sources, so as to avoid over-illumination and stress. Lighting designers in [ kutnakvadrat ] have a keen sense for ergonomic lighting and the biology of light. Most recently, we have joined strenghts with Creative Cables Store Zagreb, one of the largest outlets of fabric cables in the World and leading company in lighting design industry.

Lighting also shouldn’t be completely monotonous. A completely illuminated space removes all contrasts and shadows, which we humans use to determine distances and see what is important. That’s why [ kutnakvadrat ] recommends taking inspiration from nature and creating light islands in your interior décor that imitate clearings in a forest.

A single powerful and central light source will make a room seem smaller, while multiple scattered light sources open the space up in various nuances so it appears larger. Design you space using our concrete pendants in various sizes, shapes and neutral tones.