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After a long time of seeing multipurpose furniture and practical design solutions that we are used to seeing from the workshop of the Croatian brand Modulos, this season they surprised us with a beautiful statement piece that we predict will become a real Instagram hit.

In cooperation with the Croatian brand [ kutnakvadrat ], which has been delighting for a long time with its concrete products such as planters, pendant lamps, and sculpture bowls, together they designed a collection of side tables - ‘Botanical’, a designer piece that brings a touch of nature and wisdom of ancient civilizations in your home.

Inspiration for creating a collection of side tables ‘Botanical’ that will impose itself in the interior as multifunctional, non-generic and unique piece of furniture was deep respect for nature and their philosophy of celebrating style.

"When we thought about the design, the guiding line was to design a statement piece of furniture that would also be multifunctional. The Botanical collection will delight any plant lover with an integrated planting calendar so they could never forget to water the plants. This multifunctional planter can also become a bowl for fruit/your favourite healthy snacks in no time. Or simply, this side table can be transformed into a coffee table, which will also stand out as an attractive, decorative piece of furniture." - said Matej Grozdanović, Krešimir Tušak and Tonći Urošević, co-founders of these innovative Croatian brands whose work is reflected in the creation of products that can truly enhance any home with their design and story. The collaboration was born on Instagram, where they found each other, which is logical, because social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest have become leaders in creating trends in interior design.

This wonderful collection of side tables is available at www.modulos.hr and www.kutnakvadrat.com, and you can find more information and photos on their official Instagram profiles: @modulosfurniture or @kutnakvadrat