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Botanical Temple

You can make the order via website: Modulos.hr ➡️ ORDER ME!

The Botanical line of side tables is a result of the collaboration between [ kutnakvadrat ] brand and talented and innovative team - Modulos. Together, we decided to develop a product that gives a warm vibe and elegance to every home. In addition to visual factor we added a special “twist” to the story creating two models: ‘Botanical Mist’ and ‘Botanical Temple’ that have a unique design printed directly on the wood surface.

This design features a circular "calendar" - day markings (from 01-31) as a central element around the cutout for a beautiful [ kutnakvadrat ] concrete planter uniquely pigmented giving interesting green/black patterns. The planter has a brass label and by rotation it can be set to the day of the month when the plant was watered last or when you need to water it next! Super fun, right? 🙂

The design of the base of the coffee table is minimal (it comes in two heights), and it is shaped so that one side can be tucked under furniture (like some couches or beds) to make the coffee table even better and more practical to fit into your home!


Here you can find a summary of all the most important features of the Botanical side table.

  • - A simple and practical statement piece of furniture

    - Surface cut for perfect fit with handcrafted [ kutnakvadrat ] planter included

    - The shape of the stand that allows the stand to be tucked under the couch, bed, etc. and the surface goes over it

    - Handmade

    - Direct print on the wood surface

  • - Width: 55 cm

    - Depth: 55 cm

    - Height: 68/46 cm

    - Maximum load: 10 kilograms

    - Surface material: 30mm birch plywood

    - Surface finish: natural oil

    - Planter material: concrete

  • Your coffee table will arrive neatly packed and protected. You only need to unpack the enclosed planter and place it in position, and of course - plant your favourite plant 🙂

  • You can make the purchase via the website "Modulos.hr" by clicking on the link.

  • We send botanical tables to the following countries: Croatia, Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, United Kingdom.

    We send the table via delivery service to your doorstep.