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Shopping Tote Bag "Budi konkretan"

‘Budi konkretan’ eco-friendly canvas bag is designed to highlight the importance of avoiding disposable plastic bags in everyday life.
We chose the design of the bag according to our slogan ‘BUDI KONKRETAN’ (eng. ‘Be Concrete’), putting functionality in the foreground, the result of which is a CONCRETE bag, of great strength and ideal size for everyday shopping or a relaxed walk, coffee or excursion.

Tote bags are the staple of book lovers and geeks, environmental friendly people trying to make a change in the world, a new and whimsical manner to spread a statement or a message, or just a way to look young, fresh, and new every time you go out of the house.

- DIMENSIONS: 40x45x15 cm, handles 60 cm

- MATERIAL: 100% canvas (280 g/m2)

- COLOR: natural body, black bottom (width 15 cm) and handles, black screen printing (30 cm)

- MAINTENANCE: hand wash in cold water (30°C)

The bag also has an integrated inner pocket, ideal for storing small things that we always look for at the bottom of the bag :)