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Handcrafted concrete bowl "Organica" is sculptural bowl designed for your ultimate home decor pleasure. Each item is unique and strictly limited to one piece. Our main goal when designing this object/piece was multifunctionality. Also with it's smooth and simple lines we wanted to show how concrete - hard, firm and industrial material can be shaped in subtle and gentle way.

This bowl can be used either as fruit bowl, flower pot or simply as sculptural piece.


We approach concrete like ceramics, forming and sculpting it manually. Combining the strength of the material with the sensitivity of the hand, each planter is imbued with its own poetic energy.

Each piece is inherently unique. Textures and hand strokes are all individual to each planter, while adding to the peacefulness that makes this planter as soft and organic as the objects in nature.

100% Handmade

100% Unique Croatian Design

Product details:

  • Concrete, Light weight concrete (cellulose and portland cement)

    All of our products have water based, thus nontoxic final coating to prevent deterioration and release of cement powder. Cork is placed on the bottom for protection. Products are waterproofed.

  • - Primary Colour (outside): white, grey, black, gold, ochre, olive green, mocca brown or greige (NEW! mixture of grey cement and brown powder pigment)

    - Secondary Colour (inside): white, grey, black, gold, ochre, olive green, mocca brown or greige

  • - Diameter: 30 cm (11.8 in)

    - Height: max 25 cm (9.8 in)

    - Mass: 2 kg (70 oz)

  • If necessary clean with water/mild soap and non abrasive sponge

*The items are made by hand, thereby small deviations can occur. Due to the nature of the concrete, small air bubbles can be seen which make every product unique.